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Brant Menswar – The Science of Good Decisions



Brant Menswar is our guest. Brant’s an award-winning musician, sought-after speaker, and a critically acclaimed author and I think you’re going to love him. Let’s be clear… and consider yourself warned. Brant’s got some strong opinions… and he’s not afraid of unleashing them. For example, Brant believes that unless you can identify your 4 to 5 non-negotiable core values… you can’t do ANYTHING on purpose.  He also believes that about 99% of us are winging it, and that’s why most people aren’t getting the results they want or living the life they were meant to live.  He’s got some great stories and statistics to back this up… but more importantly… he’s got some powerful strategies to help us get clear and make some awesome stuff happen.  Plus, we’ll be talking about Brant’s new book called BLACK SHEEP. RESOURCES: Brant’s book: “Black Sheep - Unleash the extraordinary, awe-inspiring, undiscovered YOU!” His podcast: “Thoughts that Rock!” His band: BIG Kettle Drum Brant’s Website: www.brantme