Why Are People Into That?!

SX Noir on Black Sex Worker Liberation + more



"How can brands do more for social justice movements? Give people pleasure! Give people a reason to have a wet a$s p#ssy! Uplifting difficult conversations about Black Lives Matter: that’s what makes p#ssy wet! Loving relationships and care starts with pleasure and understanding your needs. And guess what? Social and political justice are needs like orgasms are needs.” — SX Noir /Who better than thot leader SX Noir to weave together BLM, COVID, and pleasure principles? In this special episode, sponsored by LELO, SX and Tina explore: privacy and persona in digital space, the Black Sex Worker Liberation March, mutual aid, sex tech, remote control vibrators, why we need to stop and erotically appreciate the flowers, the importance of masturbation during quarantine, and W.A.P. /Don’t forget! You can get 15% off your self-love routine with the code SEXTECH on https://lelo.to/WhyArePeopleIntoThat . This applies to every pleasure product on the site (except for already discounted products). Offer valid now