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Ashleigh S. Chapman – BONUS – We Agree To Pray Episode



Ashleigh S. Chapman is a human rights lawyer and an expert on human trafficking.  She’s been working hard for the past 20 years to protect the most vulnerable populations around the globe.  On this BONUS episode of DREAM THINK DO... Ashleigh shares a powerful prayer story of something that happened to her when she was out on a jog.  It’s a wild fun story of how prayer can work when you least expect it.    RESOURCES: Ashleigh is the founder of Justice U™ which is an online learning platform that quickly delivers knowledge from experts in the anti-trafficking movement to massive audiences who need it, with the tools every modern learner needs today. Built to help anyone with a desire to make a difference.  WE AGREE TO PRAY: If you’d like to join us for “WE AGREE TO PRAY,” simply click here: www.weagreetopray.com.  MORE ON THIS Ashleigh S. Chapman - BONUS EPISODE: This is a BONUS episode, so we’re talking with Ashleigh S. Chapman about the power of prayer and how it’s played out in her life.  Liste