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Jake Thompson: BEAT Pandemic Fatigue! [A Guide to Survive and Thrive!]



Jake Thompson is an entrepreneur, performance coach, podcaster, speaker, and author.  He’s also the CEO of Compete Every Day… a training and performance apparel company with kick-butt clothing to help you stay healthy, motivated, ambitious, and hungry!  His podcast is called “Compete Every Day,” and he interviews competitors from all walks of life and they talk about the specific things they do to win and succeed.  And lastly, Jake’s brand new book was just released and it’s killing it.  The book is called… surprise… surprise… “Compete Every Day.”   In it Jake shares the seven key choices leaders and globe changers can make to enhance their focus, increase their success, and win at work and life… EVEN during a pandemic!  We’re going to talk about what it means to COMPETE EVERY DAY… and how we can make some KEY choices to help us succeed more… and live more of the life we were meant to live!  I’m so looking forward to this so let’s get to it!   RESOURCES MENTIONED IN EPISODE: WEBSITE: www.comp