As I've mentioned before, I get a lot of response to this daily emails. It may seem like it's a lot of negative, since I use the trolls to teach you lessons, but I get a lot of love too. Some people enjoy these daily ramblings so much that they decide to keep watching them even after they join the Freedom Club. Check out the Success Mindset on Blu. First Reply: "Oh my god, YES! I love you guys and my husband and I are *loving* the Freedom Club!! Here's to an epic adventure!!" ~Blu S. Then, the next day… "Let me just say, I have never replied to anyone's emails that I subscribe to, this makes two days in a row! Hell, I don't read 99% of them but I find myself looking forward to yours everyday. I wanted to reply to this email because it hit home with me. My husband (and I) are members of the Freedom Club and we l.o.v.e it.... but we have been skipping around. See, we paid for (Someone Else's Course) and were totally bummed that we paid $1,000 for it. It had some good content, but he said it was