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Daniel Scrivner: DRIVEN TO LEARN



Daniel Scrivner… he’s a true DREAM THINK DOer.  He’s a self-taught designer who got his start freelancing and eventually joined DDB - an advertising firm in Venice Beach.  Then… he moved to San Francisco and joined Apple's Marketing Communications team… where he got to work on several landmark product launches and projects.  In 2011, Daniel left Apple and joined the small team at Square.  He went on to become Square's Director of Design… where he grew his team from 5 to 40… and his team touched almost every aspect of Square's design.  During that same time, Square went public… and was valued at over $3.6 billion.  In 2016, Daniel left Square and founded Blackletter Ventures… and has become an investor in more than 30 companies.  Daniel has also become a trusted advisor to brands like Nike, Disney… and he speaks on design and entrepreneurship around the world.  Which brings us to what he’s up to now.    RESOURCES: Daniel’s website: www.danielscrivner.com Investments: www.blackletter.com  Da