A few episodes ago I told you about the top level, secret mastermind group I made my way into with the guys that make the *real* money online. It's the group that took me years of doing business before I was invited and allowed in. I had to earn my way in, I couldn't just buy my way in. Anyway, I want to share another huge, body slamming secret I got from that group that I think can help you. In fact, I know it will. This group of mega-successful guys agreed that after all the years they had done business, there was one top thing that stops people from buying their products and it was the same thing, no matter what the market they were in. It doesn't matter if the product is personal development, fat loss, finding a mate, or starting a freedom business. Here goes: **Most people are so afraid of FAILURE, they never try.** That might already be obvious to you, but wait. There's more... **First, you need to understand this fear because when you start your freedom business, you'll be dealing with