As I mentioned recently, I sold my home and gentleman's farm. What triggered me to sell my "dream" home? Lifestyle design. I always wanted to try the gentleman's farm, but with a big modern home. I did, done. I also wanted to pair down Internet Business Mastery and instead of having 10 huge funnels going and a bunch of employees and a bunch of tasks to do constantly, I pared it down to an email a day and ONE full-time employee. Simplify and minimalism is the lifestyle I'm trying now. This is GREAT news for you. This is why I put ALL over our courses and bonuses into the Freedom club and I only charge $1 a day for it ALL. Lifestyle design. The other part of my recent lifestyle design is starting a new business. Keep in mind, I don't suggest you create more than ONE business when you start out. It's taken me over 13 years to finally start another business. The structure of this new business is all about simplicity. I already did complicated. Internet Business Mastery got BIG and complicated. J