It’s time to pull another email out of the ol’ email bag. I get energy hearing excuses and tearing them to shreds... As always, my comments will follow. “Honestly, I am a waiter... and I don't mean that I serve tables, but that I'm waiting for that "right" feeling. I have tons of skills, but most of my energy is split between my daily employment which takes advantage of those skills and spending time with my family. I have a dream to one day be working for myself on projects I'm passionate about that can help other people, but when I start to plan out the process, I'm overwhelmed or procrastinate. I've owned tons of domains. I have the technical expertise to pull off a good business online... Yet, I'm still living pay to pay working for companies that don't really mentor and guide me to that next level.” ~David P --I was recently reading a book about the U.S Navy Seal team. If somehow you don’t know what they are, they are an elite military unit and they have one of the most grueling, mind and bod