A couple weeks ago I asked a question. “What the hell is holding you back?” I got a LOT of responses. Here is one, but it is the big daddy of responses. It’s one that I think everyone thinks, no matter what other issues they might have. Here is the response and my tough love comment after: “Im afraid of failing and losing money.” ~Cartlon --Here comes my one two punch, ready? 1- There are only two ways to fail. Quitting and not starting. By not starting, you ARE failing. You shouldn’t be afraid of failing in the future, you already are failing RIGHT NOW by not putting your all into starting a freedom business. If you start and decide you are going to keep going UNTIL you succeed, you will never fail. Succeed or die, that is what I decided when I got started. I knew there would be massive challenges and that I wouldn’t get the results I want most of the time, but the only way to fail is to quit… once you get started. 2- Here is the next hard truth, you are already losing money. Had you started