When I had decided absolutely to start a freedom business a strange thing happened. I learned about the Value Cycle, (entire video discussing what it is and how to use it is in the Freedom Club), and it lit my mind on fire! I went from having NO ideas on what niche to go into or products or anything specific to 1000's of ideas. It's like the act of deciding I was going to do it FOR SURE turned on something in me. At first, I really liked it. I was a business idea generator. 1000's of business ideas. 1000's of different avatars I wanted to help. 1000's product idea's I had so many business ideas it was hard to sleep. It actually became a bit of a burden. I didn't know which idea I should focus my time on. At first, I decided to pick about 5 businesses and give them all a shot, which I did. It was chaos. Couple 5 businesses with FOMO (fear of missing out) on all the shiny and new techniques the big-wig goo roos were tempting me with so they could make more dollars and I was mak