Why Are People Into That?!

Live! Fetish Aesthetics w Lanee Bird



“All subcultures use aesthetics to establish community." // Fetish artist and aesthete Lanee Bird joined me the day after her film Laboratory was screened as part of Kink Out: Spaces at MOMA PS1. We talked fetish as: obsession, reverence, precision, perfectionism, discomfort, fashion... and how being a bottom contributes to Lanee's talents. // Lanee Bird is an indigenous queer photographer, cinematographer and video editor based in Brooklyn, NY. Through her personal work of both photo and film she reveals the intersections of fashion and fetishism. She is also experienced in commercial video production as an editor and colorist primarily working within the beauty industry. @LOVVR @DRESSEDFORPLEASURE  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.