Why Are People Into That?!

Live! Eroticizing COVID-19 w Empress Wu



“There’s a part of me that’s going to enact a sadism on you from the inside.” // It’s YAPIT: COVID-19 Lightning Round Edition, recorded live on Instagram May 2nd 2020. //In which I really try my best to game-ify YAPIT even though I don’t have a game brain and cannot follow my own rules. //We cover: masks, medical fetishism, nano-objects, virtual reality, bug-chasing, spit, and breath play. //Death ethics, Zoom fart trolls, Thomas the Tank Engine lead recalls, how the crisis will change porn, the question “if you had a clone how would you fuck it?”, ovipositors, and sourdough starters also come up because how could they not? //“You’re a femme fatale, the fluids from your body have the power to destroy me.” //Empress Wu is an NYC-based dominatrix and cultural activist, primarily operating via performance, curation, writing, and production to explore the semiotics of sex work, and its effect on the body politic. In her spare time, she can be found loudly preaching conspiracy theories about slime v