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Shine Louise Houston: BLM + 15 yrs of Crash Pad Series



On May 11th, I recorded an episode remotely with Shine, about 15 years of Crash Pad Series, and a second part about voyeurism. On June 24th, I called her back to get her perspective on the Movement for Black Lives. This is part one, including our talks about BLM and CPS. Voyeurism coming soon. //“If you tell professionals what to do they won’t riff. If you tell amateurs what to do they ignore you. What I found was that the more I took myself out, the more organic the scene could be… The only thing I needed to control was the cameras…” //In which I call Crash Pad Series the Law and Order of Queer P*rn, Shine explains the origin story of the CPS themes and production values, and her take on the narratives of a sex scene. //Shine Louise Houston is the founding producer and director of Pink and White Productions (CrashPadSeries.com, PinkLabel.tv). During a five-year position at the women-owned sx toy purveyor Good Vibrations, Shine recognized an underserved demand for an alternative to mainstream p*rnography. In