Escape From Cubicle Nation Podcast

Why we misjudge introverts and what we can do about it



Popular American business culture says that the more someone "participates" by talking aloud during a meeting or networking event, the more "active," "friendly" and "supportive" they are. This (erroneous) definition ignores the fact that many quiet, introverted people are also "active," "friendly" and "supportive," just in a different way. In this interview with Barbara Saunders, a "formerly shy introvert," we discuss: What is the correct definition of an introvert? What are common misconceptions people make about introverts and why? How can you tell if you or someone you love is an introvert? How can we design our training, meetings and events to be introvert-friendly, and maximize their contribution in a way that respects their style Find Barbara at or on Twitter @bsaunders Some books we discussed on the call: Gifts Differing by Isabel Briggs Meyers Party of One: The Loners' Manifesto by A