The Architecture Happy Hour

85: Home Design Inside, Outside, and Upside Down



What makes a home look the way it looks? How do you approach designing a home based on where you are designing it and what style to you like? In Episode 85 of The Architecture Happy Hour podcast, co-hosts and architects, Laura Davis and Holly Hall talk about influences that shape home design. In this episode How we are enjoying our new office What does a vacation to Hawaii have to do with home design? Designing from the inside out vs. from the outside in Classical architectural styles vs. site responsive design Geeking out over vernacular architecture How a San Franciscan deals with a hot car ride vs. a Texan Home Design Tips on Choosing Windows: available materials and choices in operation Designing from the inside out The shape and layout of this home on the island of Kauai in Hawaii is driven by the rooms on the inside and how they relate to the view of the ocean. The tropical house has large sliding doors to capture the view and ocean breezes. Deep cantilevered roof eaves serve as floatin