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I Believe, Help My Unbelief - Audio



Can you have faith and unbelief at the same time? In Mark 9:14-27 The father said “I believe, help my unbelief”. Many Christians believe in healing but because of fear most don’t believe that Jesus will heal them. Fear is the enemy of faith and if you allow fear to dominate your thoughts, your faith will disappear. All fear is routed in the fear of death and the Lord tells us at least 365 times in the bible to “Fear not” or “don’t be afraid”— one “Fear not” for every day of the year! • Fear not (appears 302 times) • Do not be afraid (33 times) • Do not fear (66 times) • Do not be dismayed (99 times) • Do not worry (24 times) • I will not fear (3 times) • I will not be afraid (2 times) • Whom shall I fear? (1 times) • Be anxious for nothing (once)