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The History of the Battle Royale Genre



Hello there! My name is Eldar Basic, and the script for this show was written by one tall boi, Derek Rogers. In this episode, we aim to educate you on the state of Battle Royale games and their history. We discuss the formations of the genre from its start as an ARMA mod, to the success of Fortnite, to the surprising earthquake of a game that was Apex: Legends. In the future, we will continue to host episodes on development companies, but we will also be doing episodes based on just a single video game franchise, industry trends, or even cover legendary developers themselves. We are finally on social media too, you can find us on Instagram at IndustryPod, and Twitter at Industrycast! Also, be sure to give us those coveted 5 stars on iTunes and Google Play, we’re on there now, too. You can also find us on Podbean, Mixer, and wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. All in all, There are tons of exciting things coming from the Industry team, including guest appearances from industry insiders and commun