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Inner Peace Journey Workshop



Today is Guru Bhaneshwaranand's first station of the Inner Peace Journey workshop tour in beautiful Andernos Les Bains in France. For this occasion we are dedicating this weeks podcast to explain in detail what the workshops participants should expect to get out of this magical weekend.    1:00 - What is the inner peace journey 5:42 - Difference between religion and spirituality 9:50 - Difference between rules and advice 14:25 - Part of the process 25:10 - Losing our illusions 26:10 - Know who you are 27:56 - Happiness by an easy ride 33:02 - Who should come to the workshop 34:07 - The different parts of the workshop 48:40 - How a fire ritual works 1:01:05 - What is shaktipat 1:03:25 - Meeting Guruji 1:06:05 - How to prepare 1:09:20 - Workshop locations