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Tantric Rituals



We all need certain things in life. Some of us need money, some need love and some need just a streak of luck at the right moment in time. Guru Bhaneshwaranand not only senses our true desires that lie deep inside of us, he also knows the means to help us fulfill them. Hear from him about the intricacies of tantric rituals, what they are for and when we should use them.  3:05 - What are rituals? 9:46 - Why do we need rituals? 13:42 - Doubts into ritual’s outcome 17:00 - Time investment in ritual 18:15 - When to do a ritual 19:40 - Dangers of rituals 27:10 - Do rituals change our karma? 28:25 - Directives during ritual period 33:36 - Repeating rituals 35:40 - Do rituals cost money? 45:00 - When rituals don’t work 46:20 - Wealth rituals 57:30 - Black and white rituals 1:02:20 - Disease Free Ritual 1:05:25 - Rituals for having children 1:08:40 - Removing astrological influences 1:13:04 - Nature of a Guru