Guru Talks

The Art of Staying Together



How do we decide who to be with and when do we decide to leave? How do we deal with desires for an outside partner when we are in a relationship? All these and more questions are being answered by Guru Bhaneshwaranand in this week's show. 0:30 - How to choose the right  partner? 8:20 - What to do when we are stuck with our partner? 14:25 - Nothing outside of us is responsible for how we feel  22:15 - Does more fulfillment cause more desires? 27:10 - How to fulfill our desires? 32:30 - Do we like our sadness? 36:20 - Should I use tantric sex? 42:00 - Fetishes to fulfill desires? 46:40 - The inner part of tantra 50:00 - A gay perspective 53:40 - The 50/50 balance 55:20 - Desires go to zero 57:00 - Sexual scandals of Gurus 59:30 - Do we need to always give? 1:01:20 - What is ego?