Guru Talks

Truth, Wisdom & Guru B's Journey



Seeking for truth has been in our hearts and minds probably since the beginning of mankind. Join us at this weeks show as Guru Bhaneshwaranand shares his views on absolute truth vs relative truth, the nature of wisdom, Tantra vs. Tantra and some insights on his personal journey.  2:00 - Absolute vs. relative truth 6:00 - Knowledge vs. information 16:00 - How to know someone reached enlightenment  25:35 - Guru B's story 32:30 - How to find a real Guru 43:10 - Desire to reach enlightenment 52:15 - Tantra: Sexuality or something else? 1:01:40 - Is Tantra related to Hinduism? 1:05:07 - Vodoo, Santoria, Tantra: Misuse of power 1:08:05 - Enlightenment vs. Nirvana