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Nissan Sentra SR Turbo says Hi, Dodge Dart says Bye, NASCAR's Chase, and I Freakin' Won a Set of Rims!



Hi everyone! Thanks tremendously for listening to this week's podcast for Dude Drives Cars. On this week's episode, Matthew the Car Guy introduces an interesting new Nissan while waving goodbye to the young Dodge Dart. After a short 4 year, 4 month life, the entry-level car with a gunsight grille and racetrack tail lights sees the end of its production.Also on the show, Matthew previews the NASCAR Chase and talks about the bevy of racing on tap for this upcoming weekend. And, oh yeah, he won a brand new set of rims for his Charger; he might mention that too. #WinnerWinnerCheck us out at DudeDrivesCars.com and on the brand new Facebook page at facebook.com/DudeDrivesCars