Retrograde - A Retro Gaming Podcast

Retrograde #1: Super Mario Kart



This is episode one of the brand new podcast to the CSICON network; Retrograde! For our first ever episode we take a  look at the racing classic Super Mario Kart. Join me, Jack Marshall, with my co-hosts Anthony Hobday, Lysanne Fisher, and James MacFadyen as, this week, we take a microscope made of pixels to the 1992 classic racer Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo. We go over the legacy of the game as well as discussing its own sequels and numerous rip-offs. We also delve into the world of Mario Kart weaponry, magic, and characters.Lastly we ask some of the most important questions to plague Mario kart: Was this the best Mario Kart game of the series? How did Donkey Kong Jr steer with his arms in the air? How comes a guy is allowed to drive around in real-life re-enacting Mario Kart? And was no-one else disturbed by Koopa Troopa throwing the bodies of his brethern at his enemies? Tune in and retro up to episode one of Retrograde!