Retrograde - A Retro Gaming Podcast

Retrograde #2: Gunstar Heroes



Welcome to episode two of Retrograde! For our second episode, we take a look at the run-and-gun platformer Gunstar Heroes. Join me, Jack Marshall, with my co-hosts Anthony Hobday, Lysanne Fisher, and James MacFadyen as we set our laser sights to the 1993 classic run-and-gun platformer Gunstar Heroes. Chosen by Anthony Hobday; this week we discuss the ins and outs of the pixel luscious Gunstar Heroes for Genesis/Mega Drive. We discuss the game's now legendary soundtrack which, as mentioned by Lysanne Fisher in the show, has been covered in many various forms, including a heavy-metal cover. We go into detail over the offline co-op in the game and discuss the history of the development studio Treasure. Lastly, we each give our final Retrograde stamp to the game with some surprisingly varied results. Tune in and retro up to episode two of Retrograde! Make sure to tune in and explode out!