Retrograde - A Retro Gaming Podcast

Retrograde #3: Pokémon Red/Blue



Welcome to episode three of Retrograde! For our third episode, we take a look back at where Pokémon all began with Pokémon Red and Blue. Join me, Jack Marshall, with my co-hosts Anthony Hobday, Lysanne Fisher, and James MacFadyen as we set our laser sights to the phenomenally successful Pokémon Red and Blue. Chosen by Lysanne Fisher this week we delve into the in and outs of the world of Pokémon Red and Blue where we discuss the morality of the games, the story-line, and of course the strategy involved with the battle cross matrix. We discuss some of the best homages made to Pokemon including Pokemon in Real Life by, PokeAwesome - Just a Pokémon Battle (NSFW language), the Pokemon BeeDrill Rap (again NSFW language), and the syther fail comic strip. We discuss the dedication of some fans who spend days trying to find Shiny Ponytas before delving into the seedy world of the Lavender Town Syndrome. Lastly, we each give our final Retrograde stamp to the game in the form of Pokémon types.