Retrograde - A Retro Gaming Podcast

Retrograde #6: Kirby Superstar



This is episode six of Retrograde! This week we give everyone's favorite pink marshmallow creature thing Kirby a roasting. Episode six of Retrograde this week sees myself, Lysanne Fisher, James McFadyen, and Anthony Hobday take Kirby Superstar for the Super Nintendo out for a spin as the surreal world of Kirby takes its toll on us all. We discuss the difference in box-art between the eastern and western release, the mechanics of the Kirby world, the mini-games within Kirby Superstar, and attempt to answer the one unanswerable question; What the hell is Goofy? So grab a pillow, pop your night cap-on, and drift away with the Retrograde team into the Kirby Super Star world!