Retrograde - A Retro Gaming Podcast

Retrograde #9: Half-Life



Welcome to episode nine of Retrograde! This week for Retrograde the team battle like a resonance cascade scenario by arguing about the 1998 classic PC game Half-Life. Join me, Jack Marshall, and my co-hosts James McFadyen, Lysanne Fisher and Anthony Hobday as we don a hazardous environment suit and beat the living snot out of helpless aliens in Half-Life. We discuss the ins and outs of the game covering topics such as the legacy of the game, the new Black Mesa Source mod, the great years of gaming of 1997 & 1998, the ethical dilemmas in the game, and even discuss why the hell Gordon Freeman needed a degree from MIT to push a trolley ten feet. So grab a crowbar, smash a crate, and spam F6 as the Retrograde team do Half-life.