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Retrograde #13: Goof Troop



Welcome to episode thirteen of Retrograde! This week the Retrograde team get goofy up in this mother as we play Goof Troop! Join me, Jack Marshall, and my co-hosts Lysanne Fisher, Anthony Hobday and James MacFadyen as we enter a world of shining shimmering splendor in Goof Troop for the Super Nintendo. In this episode we discuss how well the game has aged, the hilarious fact that Anthony and James struggled with a children's puzzle for half-hour, and the tricky topic of just what the hell is Goofy? So; get those Mickey ears on, polish your block kicking shoes, and come join the Retrograde team as we play Goof Troop! Also, don't forget to head over to iTunes and pop a lovely review down for us. We'll even send you a spiffing Limited Edition Rare Special Edition Super Retrograde Badge!