Retrograde - A Retro Gaming Podcast

Retrograde #15.5: Xmas Special 2012



Welcome to the Christmas Special 2012 for Retrograde! The Retrograde team get together, drink, laugh, and try crush each-other in a battle of Retro-goodness to claim the Retrograde cup. Join me, Jack Marshall, and my co-hosts Lysanne Fisher, Anthony Hobday and James MacFadyen as we battle in the first annual Retrograde cup! Overseeing the entire competition we have our special referee Marc Tourle. First up we have a retro gaming quiz filled with far too difficult questions covering all areas of retro gaming. Then each of us deliver up a retro-game as we battle to the death. Well; not to death, but until someone is crying. We have Jump n Bump, Super Bomberman 2, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and... erm... Bop-It. Also, in the middle we throw in a music-theme round as well as a final deciding lightning round! Who will win!? Who will cry!? And who thought it would be a good idea to drink while we recorded!? So; get those Santa hats on and sit back and enjoy a special Retrograde filled with drunken b