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Retrograde #17: The Secret of Monkey Island



WelcoARRRRR ... *cough*... Sorry; something was caught in my throat. Welcome to episode seventeen of Retrograde! This week the Retrograde team get silly with The Secret of Monkey Island! Join me; Jack Marshall, and my fellow dairy-farmers Lysanne Fisher, James MacFadyen, and Anthony Hobday as we walk the plank. In this episode, we discuss how well the game has aged, the legacy of the game, Ron Gilbert's thoughts on his baby, and three-headed monkeys. So; hoist the main sail, scrub the poo-deck, and don the skeleton necklace and join the Retrograde team as we play The Secret of Money Island! Also, don't forget to head over to iTunes and pop a lovely review down for us. We'll even send you a free spiffing Limited Edition Rare Special Edition Super Retrograde Badge! Don't forget to also follow us on Twitter and Facebook!