Facdev Media Training Series

Sample Audio Podcast Episode 1



This is the first of a series of sample podcast episodes to be posted here. To download and listen to the .mp3 file associated with each episode, simply click on the title of the posting in this blog. Or, to listen to the audio online within your browser, simply click on the player below to listen.Additionally, in this particular episode posting, a transcript of the narration is provided below. It's always helpful to have a manuscript, if possible, of audio files to ensure that your materials will be accessible.--------------------------------------------------------------- Transcript -Hello! Welcome to the world of podcasting!! Right now you are listening to a podcast! In the Faculty Development Pod-series, NIU faculty and staff have the opportunity to learn more about how to leverage podcasting technology to enhance the learning experiences of students in your class.There are many technological solutions to recording and deploying podcasts. In the pod-series, you'll learn more about the steps necessary for