Facdev Media Training Series

Linking a File to a Blogger Posting



Click on the title of this blog posting to listen to this podcast episode. The transcript is provided below.:: Transcript ::So…you've created your blog and you have an mp3 file ready to post to your podcast. The first step is to make a posting to your blog and include a link in the blog posting to the .mp3 file. You will need to upload your .mp3 file to a some web server space. NIU provides faculty & staff with 300 mb of personal space on WebCRMA as well as an additional 300 mb of web space on the media server. Go to facdevmedia.blogspot.com and click on the link for the Computer Access Request Form to request a personal webspace account from ITS.Once your personal webspace account is created and you have access, you are ready to upload your .mp3 file to the Web. Once your media file has been uploaded, anyone knowing the location of the file will be able to download it and then listen to it. However, by creating a podcast, the user can simply subscribe once to the podcast and then they don't need to wo