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Creating the RSS Feed for a Podcast Using FeedBurner



Click on the title of this blog posting to listen to this podcast episode. The transcript is provided below.:: Transcript ::Now that you've created your blog and made your first posting, it's now time to create the XML file that is required for your podcast to push media content to subscribers. One major reason for using a blog as a means for posting a link to your podcast on the Web is that most blogging software automatically creates an RSS feed necessary for a podcast. What is RSS you might ask? RSS is commonly used to refer to "Really Simply Syndication," is a popular method for sharing content without requiring readers to continually visit a website to see what is new. More details about RSS is covered in the workshop entitled, "Creating and Using Blogs" offered by the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center.RSS files are in XML format, with XML standing for Extensible Markup Language. What's important to remember is that the XML file is the element of the podcast that enables the "push