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Submitting a Podcast to the iTunes Podcast Directory



Click on the title of this blog posting to listen to this podcast episode. The transcript is provided below.:: Transcript ::Another way to syndicate your podcast beyond simply creating a link to your podcast XML feed is to submit your podcast to the iTunes music store. Millions of users are using iTunes to manage the iPod content as well as to purchase and download a variety of media from the iTunes music store.Within the iTunes music store, there is a podcast directory including both free and for-purchase podcasts. When launching iTunes, click the option for the "Music Store" and then "Podcasts." From here, you can search the iTunes directory to find podcasts for a particular keyword, genre, etc.Why would you want to submit your podcast to the iTunes music store? For one…to raise the visibility of your podcast and make it possible for anyone using iTunes to potentially find your podcast when conducting a search. Secondly…once your podcast is listed in iTunes, you are provided with a URL to your podcast