Sleepy Eyes Knits

Episode 7: Hello Stash



Hey, sweet and sassy knitters! The newest podcast is up....Hello Stash...I just noticed that I forgot to welcome everyone to the podcast at the beginning, so here it is here:"Welcome to the Sleepy Eyes Knits podcast....where the babbling never ends...and, fortunately for you, I had a HUGE mug of hot chocolate and I'm ready to go!"This podcast is a bit shorter than usual due to my cold and non-stop coughing fits. Hopefully, you won't be able to tell from the podcast....oh, the large chunks of audio I had to cut out.....hack, hack, hack. But, thankfully, it's done and I hope you all enjoy it. I'll list a couple links and pics here before I got lie down for a while....and, Jackie.....I'll be talking to you SOON!! Happy Knitting!