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Field of Dreams - Sister Act



In Sisters Act we meet two sets of competitive sisters; the Ffrench O'Carroll twins, Rebecca and Charlotte, in athletics and the Murphy sisters, Annalise and Claudine, in sailing. Two different sports but both sets of sisters have their eyes on one prize, the Olympic Games, but to get there may well mean having to beat their own sister. For athletic champions Rebecca and Charlotte Ffrench O'Carroll there's never any problem finding someone to train with or run against. They're identical twins who both compete in cross country, middle and long distance races and have grown up in their sport together. The girls, now 20, started running at school and were coached by Dundrum South Athletic Club coach Eddie McDonagh. For the twins it's never a case of sibling rivalry; 'its almost like you feel you're not racing for yourself, you're racing for your twin to win as well,' says Charlotte. For Ian O Riordan of the Irish Times the girls have the mark of champions and compared their track record t