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Paul Cox 1/1



Born in 1959, Paul Cox is a multi-talented French artist. Although keen to become a musician he is well known for his graphic design, illustration, paintings and stage art. Inspired by music and 19th century paintings, his work is characterized by improvisation and crossing borders between literature, dance, architecture. As an author of children books, he created ‘Abstract Alphabet: a book of animals’ published in 2001 by Chronicle Books, where colourful organic shapes make up the letters, which form the names of twenty-six different animals. Cox has started collecting the whole of his work (paintings, installations, illustrations, graphic design etc) in book form, the first volume of which, ‘Coxcodex 1’ was published at Editions du Seuil in 2004. Recorded at the Integrated Conference 2015, Antwerpen, Belgium Paul Cox portrait :: Abstract Alphabet book :: Coxcodex 1 book :: Another Paul Cox book :: File Download (29:59 min / 41