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Gayaneh Bagdasaryan 1/1



Gayaneh Bagdasaryan is a graduate of Moscow State University of Printing Arts and has designed Cyrillic localizations for most major type libraries. She began her type design career at ParaType in 1996 and founded Brownfox type studio in 2012. Gayaneh is also the initiator of Serebro Nabora, a prominent annual international type conference held in Russia. Gayaneh explains how she became interested in typography in the first place. We also wonder how Russian typedesigners worked before and after perestroika. Gayaneh talks about her font foundry and why it took her so long before she started it. We discuss whether it’s possible to create a new typeface nowadays and hear all about how the Serebro Nebora Conference started. Recorded at the Serebro Nebora 2015 Conference in Moscow, Russia. Brownfox foundry :: Serebro Nabora conference :: Gayaneh's fonts at Paratype :: Typotalks interview :: File Download (23:26 min / 32 MB)