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GDD 007 : Camera and Cinematography For Games



In this episode Brian and Ike discuss camera and cinematography with a focus on the various angles, styles, and uses in game design. How to choose a camera, iterate on it, and reference film cinematography are all covered in this jam packed episode. We got feedback! It's such a great feeling when we hear back from listeners since we're flying blind so to speak. Please keep it coming with your feedback so we can make the most out of your listening experience! We have been busy with our own studios, but enjoy taking the time out to make this podcast. 5 Ways to Consider Using Camera and Cinematography for Video Games Camera and cinematography in video games are similar to that of movies. There's a lot to consider and sift through to keep the right amount of dramatic feel to your game. 3rd Person Camera Strategically use Camera and Handle Views Controls and Camera Relative Controls Cinematography 101 Camera Angles Getting Started with the 3rd Person Camera Using a 3rd person camera creates a more artistic