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GDD 015 : What To Do With $10K?



There's a million ways you can spend $10,000 but what would be the best way to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck? Brian and Ike discuss a few different scenarios on how they would handle a big chunk of money. Today's Developer Diary Ike launched his game Rhythm Friends on iOS and Amazon! Although it's technically his second game he's shipped, it's the first game he started and finished this year living up to the New Year's Resolution of "Ship It". Rhythm Friends is a rhythm tapping game intended for 6-8  year old's. Ike worked with his 6 year old daughter who just started taking piano to help her improve on the feeling of the notes rather than just knowing the counts of each note. He goes into some detail about the gameplay and challenges he faced but all in all this was a great experience and if nothing else a great memento working with his daughter. We wish Rhythm Friends luck and be sure to pass it along to anyone you know with kids in that age group! What Would You Do With $10,000? We decid