The Game Design Dojo Podcast

GDD 016 : When is a Game Done?



We received a Facebook question from our friend Bradley Erickson asking us "How do you finish and ship the dang thing after months(or years) of iteration and work?" after we published the episode 'How to turn an idea into a game?'. So, we got together and recoded this episode to answer his question. Enjoy!  How Do You Know when a Game is Done? This brings up the question, "Is it ever done?" Well, at the end of the day you need to just ship it and get it out. This episode will give you some insights on how you can tell when you're ready to rap it up. Creating the Minimum Viable Product Ideas are everywhere. An important skill to develop is taking an idea from start to finish. In general it is good practice to finish what you started. Finding a way to create a minimum viable product and getting that out in the world will do wonders for you and even hopefully earn you some money. What Does Minimum Viable Product Mean? From a gameplay perspective: You can feel the meta loop - the core game loop You're able t