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GDD 017 : Audio and Soundtrack for Games – An Overview



We received an inquiry from a fan and it inspired us to discuss how to use music and sounds in video games. Brian and Ike tackle this topic with great detail using some of their personal experiences. So, enjoy! Today's Developer Diary Ike's watching movies and Brian talks about his experience at E3. This was much different than PAX which was all consumers, so you're audience and players and you can see that they really are interested in what you're doing. But the main difference at E3 is it's more of everyone sizing each other up, more of a competition. It's basically media and industry professionals at E3. The fact that the game is made by just a two person team is getting some attention. The One Room Schoolhouse had been busy and getting pretty close to launching another education game this year and doing some contract work as well. He does contract work during the day and at night works on his own stuff just to have enough fuel to get through the day. Game development involves a lot of momentum. We just