Practically Kinky Podcast

Ep 1 - The Inaugural Podcast



Hello world! This is the first ever episode of the Men Submit femdom / female led relationship podcast. In it we talk about our reasons for setting out on this grand podcasting adventure.In this episode we introduce ourselves, giving some information about what led us to discovering our kinky femdom ways and how we met. We also begin to talk about our evolving relationship and how we choose to express the power exchange between us.It was a little bit of a shaky start! The sound is a bit wonky and we stop and start a little and you will probably notice a veritable symphony of clicks and pops and buzzes, thanks to the extensive edits I needed to inflict on the recording afterward. But hey, that’s life isn’t it? Hopefully we at least explain our vision to explore what it means to live in a female led relationship: from kink and femdom play through to expressing the power exchange between us in our daily lives.Femdom, kink, bdsm, D/s, sexual content.