Practically Kinky Podcast

Ep 25 - National Coalition For Sexual Freedom



First off in this episode we debrief (pun intended) on the Men Submit CFNM cocktail party. In short it was a riotously awesome success. Hurrah! Cock decoration and impact play for everyone. Then we spoke with Susan Wright of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom to get a sense of what they do and why they do it. Visit their website here.There are some great services you’ll find in the site. It is worth taking the time to explore everything they have to offer. One resource in particular that we direct our users to again and again is the Kink Aware Professionals Directory. The Kink Aware Professionals Directory is the most comprehensive online database of kink aware and kink friendly doctors, therapist, lawyers and other professionals. This is your go to resource if you are seeking professional help or representation and require a kink friendly and aware ear.