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The Best Follow-Up Sequence I Have Ever Used | Donald Kelly - 1796



After scheduling an appointment with a prospective client, you’re confident they will close the deal once you speak with them again. However, when you enter the Zoom meeting, they’re not there. After sending several follow-up emails, it’s clear that this client got away. The follow-up game is pretty annoying, so how can you avoid this from happening ever again? Click the play button and listen to your host, Donald C. Kelly, on The Sales Evangelist Podcast! In today’s episode, I’m sharing effective sales follow-up techniques that can dramatically improve your sales process. The Importance of Follow-Ups (2:10 - 2:38) Many sales professionals fail not because of their pitch or product but because they need a consistent follow-up system. With a proper follow-up strategy, you can gain quality opportunities. Your role in the follow-up process is crucial. It's about getting prospects to reconnect with what you're selling. To learn how to do this effectively, listen to my key sales strategies that will empow