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How to Negotiate Without Manipulating Your Prospects | Susie Tomenchok - 1794



Today, we're going into the archive and bringing out an episode where Donald is joined by executive coach Susie Tomenchok to learn how sales professionals can master negotiating without manipulating. Negotiation isn’t manipulation: Incorporating negotiating strategies and techniques helps you and your team reach its needs or goals and opens the door for priorities to be rearranged and met. It’s not a winner/loser situation – negotiation should come from a place where you look to satisfy everyone. Low-stakes negotiation happens every day. Mastering negotiation is the key to developing long-term success. Conveying your interests isn’t manipulation – it’s telling your story to meet your needs. Barriers to entering a high-stakes negotiation: PACE: Prepare – aware – close – evaluate Prepare, think at the moment, and be as objective as possible. Be aware of both your and the other party’s interests. Uncover relevant information to reach the close. How can you expect to negotiate well if you don’t kn