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False Patterns: "Your Best Customer" Probably Doesn't Look Like Your Next Customer | Brady Jensen - 1792



Are you struggling to pivot sales strategies based on a single customer’s feedback? Is it hard to understand why a seemingly perfect sales approach failed? If you answer yes to both questions, you must listen to this episode of The Sales Evangelist. Host Donald Kelly chats with Brady Jensen, a leading expert in market research and customer identification, about the importance of real-world data in crafting effective sales motions and enhancing customer credibility. Click play now to learn how to build a reliable, data-driven sales process! Brady Jensen’s Background  Brady Jensen is a seasoned professional with expertise in harnessing real-world data to enhance go-to-market strategies for sales organizations.  As the CEO of Aggregate Insights, he specializes in translating non-sales interactions into valuable sales insights.  His company aims to help create stronger connections between sellers and buyers. Tune in and hear how his knowledge will boost your team's credibility and competitive advanta