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How Sellers and Leaders Can Use Content To Grow Pipeline | Gabe Lullo - 1791



Creating content on LinkedIn is essential for inbound marketing and growing a sales pipeline. But you need to figure out how to do it.  Learn how to do it in this episode of "The Sales Evangelist Podcast." In this insightful episode, Gabe Lullo, the CEO of Alleyoop, joins host Donald Kelly to delve into the transformative role of content in sales strategies.  With a focus on empowering sales development representatives (SDRs) and sales organizations, Gabe shares his journey from a hands-off LinkedIn user to a content-driven leader. Discover how this shift has exponentially boosted his company's success rates.  Click play now! Understanding Alleyoop's Mission Gabe Lullo is the CEO of Alleyoop and a frontrunner in sales development and prospecting.  He emphasizes that while Alleyoop doesn't handle sales directly, it specializes in optimizing the front end of the sales cycle, primarily using phone communication, and supports these efforts through various channels.  The primary goal is to increase opp