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Why 58% of Salespeople Are In the Wrong Job & How To Fix It | Peter Smith - 1789



What are the key traits to becoming a successful sales representative? Discover them in this episode of “The Sales Evangelist Podcast.” In this enlightening episode, host Donald Kelly sits down with Peter Smith, a seasoned sales leader and the author of the intriguing book "Hiring Squirrels."  Peter shares invaluable insights on identifying and nurturing the right talent in the sales industry. Click play to learn the critical traits of successful sales professionals and a roadmap for leaders striving to enhance their teams' performance.  Peter Smith's Background Over the years, Peter Smith has carved a niche in the luxury jewelry sales market, building and developing highly effective sales teams.  He is not just a consultant but also an esteemed author and a columnist for industry magazines.  His approach to sales training is sculpted around his published works, which focus on hiring strategies, the psychology of storytelling, and key sales techniques. The Squirrel Hiring Philosophy Peter expl